Sarah Rottenberg and Schlomo Weissbrod {Grandparents of Alex Bonder}

bonder_schlomoweissbrodandsarahrottenbergweddingMy grandmother, Sarah Rottenberg, was born in Bistritza, Romania in 1923, but she spent most of her childhood in Chernovits, Romania.  She was the oldest of 5 siblings.  At age 17, Sarah was sent to Transnistria Concentration Camp.  Her parents and one of her brothers died during the war.  After the war, she tried to immigrate to Palestine (Israel was under the British Mandate), but she was sent by the British to a “Displaced Persons” Camp in Cyprus for 2 years.  She married my grandfather, Schlomo Weissbrod, while in Cyprus and they finally were able to immigrate to Israel where my mother and aunt were born.  In 1956, they decided to move to Caracas, Venezuela.  Finally, at the end of her life, she immigrated to Mexico City to live with her eldest daughter and family.  She died on November 26, 2008 in Mexico City, Mexico.

My grandfather, Schlomo Weissbrod, was born in Suceava, Romania in 1908.  He was the oldest of 6 siblings.  He went to law school in Romania prior to his entire family being sent to Transnistria Concentration Camp.  Amazingly all of his family members were able to survive the war.  He immigrated to Israel with his parents and some of his siblings.  His other siblings weren’t as lucky and stayed in Romania under the communist regime of Ceausescu.  In the late 1970s all of his family was finally able to immigrate to Israel.  My grandparents married in Cyprus and after living more than 8 years in Haifa, Israel, they moved to Caracas Venezuela.  My grandfather died on April 28, 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela.