Eva Reisner {Grandmother of Lisa Einstein}

lisaeinsteingrandmaIn 1942, my Savta Eva was 19 yrs old and living in Szerenc, Hungary with her parents and 6 other siblings.  As conditions deteriorated, the Nazis raided her home, seized her family’s business, and took her father to a labor camp.  In 1944, Savta and her family were deported by cattle train to Poland, to a concentration camp, Auschwitz.  Torn from her family, Savta was forced to work digging deep trenches in the forest to hide Nazi tanks in the frigid cold.  After many long weeks alone, Savta found an old family friend in the mess hall who informed her that her sisters were on the other side.  Her sisters schemed and devised a plot to bring Savta to their side of the camp.  It was a success and renewed all of their strength, giving them hope.

In 1945, the Russian army was on their way to help the Jewish prisoners, so the Nazis were ordered to kill the remaining Jews and then face the Russians themselves.  Savta knew a woman who had befriended a Nazi officer.  They convinced the officer to abandon them all at a nearby farm. After a few days and a close call, they emerged from the cellar and walked into town.  They were found by the Russians and taken to a shelter to rest and eat.  When they returned to Szerenc, they learned that their three younger brothers and parents had not survived, yet a few close family friends had.  Those who survived married off and began repopulating the Jewish people.  A few years later, my family packed up their bags and made aliyah to Israel.

Eva Selymes Reisner’s full story can be found at www.hereisherstory.wordpress.com.