Esther and Sidney Bratt {Grandparents of Michele Leisawitz, Aaron Wernick, Stacy Seltzer and Brian Wernick}

BrattGrandparentsOur Papap Sid was born in 1928 in Guttstadt, Germany.  At the age of 10, he was sent to England with Kinder Transport.  He was raised in an orthodox hostel run by a husband and wife who had also emigrated from Europe.  In 1942, he was sent to a training camp for Israel called Hachshara located in Edinburgh, Scotland.  In 1945, our grandfather moved to be near his father who had been interned by the British as an enemy alien and transported to the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.  It was then that they realized that they were the sole survivors of their immediate family.

Our Mamam Esther was born in Vilna, Poland in 1929.  She and her parents were placed in the Vilna Ghetto as well as a Labor Camp called Hakapeh.  In both places they were able to escape death on various occasions.  Our grandmother and her parents were able to escape the camp when a guard was drunk.  They hid in a Polish man’s cellar (4 feet long by 6 feet wide) for two weeks before being liberated.