Place a Stone of Remembrance

As survivors age, their children and grandchildren shoulder a great responsibility to continue to bear witness to the memories and history of the Holocaust. Boston 3G has mounted a campaign to engage the 2nd and 3rd generations to demonstrate our commitment to this special legacy. While this effort began in Boston, we invite children, grandchildren and others connected to Holocaust survivors by ties of family and heart to express their commitment to this legacy by adding their names to the “promise” and joining us in an effort that will continue throughout our lives.

This gesture evokes a Jewish tradition of placing small stones at the gravestones of loved ones. We invite you to add your name below. You may also choose to add a message if you wish.

TOGETHER WE PROMISE. We are the children and grandchildren born out of unspeakable tragedy when the Nazi regime murdered six million Jews and millions of other innocent victims. Our parents and grandparents bore witness to this Holocaust and we have been witnesses to their lives.

We are the first generations born out of this darkness. The Jewish people were not destroyed. Those who survived were not silenced. Those who were lost have not been forgotten. Our collective Jewish memory, Jewish history and Jewish tradition lives on.

As our parents and grandparents grow older and the generation of survivors disappears, this legacy of memory becomes ours. We have a solemn obligation to remember those who perished and those who suffered. We will remember their names. We will tell the stories of their lives. We will speak out to ensure that the truth of these stories is not denied.

The history of the Holocaust must be as a warning to humanity of the danger and evil that is possible when we are indifferent to the suffering and persecution of others. We will teach these lessons to our children. We will share them with our neighbors. We will honor the memory of those lost by working to build a world where genocide can never happen again.

In one voice we proclaim that generations will remember, l’dor v’dor.

That is our promise.

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